today. wow. today.

ok, so as you all know, the thing we’ve been practicing and spending precious money on was today. yeah, today. wow. today.

well, i hated it. i swear i looked like a hoe fo playboi in those school ghurl editions cept i was lacking the bunnie ears but.. i swear, i felt like it and the teachers kept putting shit on my face. big ol earings. make up. bracelets. o, i’m not a barbie doll.. play with someone else if you must. damn. i hate todaii. the presentation was aiight i guess. and yeah… i did screw up but i’m over that. i have completely forgotten todai. no, not really. neweiz. i have hatahz now. wow. like wheni was doing my thing. i could see their jealous grins. hey, hating me won’t make you look better. live it. lol. and like, yeah. i screwed it up. no eye contact, practices were obviously better. i guess it got overrated. lol. then the candids… make me feel uglier. pfft. shutting up.

well..i wanted to rant. but i think i’ve done that soo many time you proi dont want to hear it.

but yeah, parents got married yesterday.

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