ok, it’s the third week of the rest of my life and once again i’m in this stuffy box with a box of toys beside me and NO DSL! globelines gyud. not following instructions! haha. but i’m not complaining.

over all, i don’t this week sucked that much. [first good thought of mmch this year!] well, maybe the things that made my days were the big ol fights with kristian and bouviere. i swear to god they’re soo gay, i could punch them and make them cry. that is, if punching them wouldn’t get me kicked out. oh,i don’t really mind getting kicked out besides, it’s in the blood. :p but i don’t mean to be a brag.

anyways, so. about my week. grades are good. i’ve been talking to the girls in my class more often which should make your jaws fall out your face, mouth, body. and uhm, i’ve been taking really good candids of john paul, the official model for the big bus riders of mmch.:P

i think i actually enjoy riding the bus now.

and then today i went to stc. 🙂 fun

i’ve been blessed this week to. i’ve been able to make tons of poems and one that i like a lot. plus, mother bought me a devotional book that eacher tonetter will kindly wrap in plastic for me.

three cheers for casey too!it’s her birthday tom.! 7 and loving it, right?

++ i’m a god loving, satan slamming, christ worshipin, daughter of the king. which is why i am a princess ++

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