hey. it’s 1:30 on this side. i’m not sure if this bog is going to be one of those extremely long one’s like the last long one. but i doubt it. lmao

me and kathy akinda hit it hard today. it’s the first night we started chatting since she got back fromp plantation. i made this status and i thought she was gonna ask me then i snapped. lmao.so much for that. but we talked over nd now we’r good. good times. good times.

so. about being a buhm. it’s fun. i don’t know why people are complainin! soo far, i’vw seen two movies:

bring iton again and the first wives club. i was starting to miss thath thing.

i also watching friends [but, yeah. i’ve already seen the episodes] and everybody loves raymond. i’ve seen regular nickelodeon and disney channel shows which cwould be a total waste of tie if i enumerated them all. i’ve also been using this break to learn science. yes people, props for me! learn to share some love! i’ve bben watchin national geographic! weeeh. the other day, i saw a documentary of animals… hahaha. gettin down. and today i saw croc hunters or something.wasn’t as fun though. lmao.

and it’s a miracle that my mom hasn’t nagged abut my buhmness at all today. i think it’s cuz i took a bath today.lmao.

i have a new hobby,too. it’s making kevin hole’s [kevin wevin] life completely miserable! haha. hey. im evil… it would be such a waste if i didn’t use it. too bad it had to be on you though. yeah, i’ve been telling people he’s gay. but it’s all fun. he ain’t really gay… i think. i could be wrong. it’s possible. lmao.

josh has been calling for the past 2 nights. appears to be a slight problemo. we’ll figure it out, homeghurl. dun be trippin, tiz chica’z got cho’ back.

and sab! waaaa. she has chickenpox.. it’s soo sad. we were textin when she found out. but at least she’s getting married. ohh. and i have a part. awesome. right? 😛

i gotta end i here.

i have myspace. x6xlickmylipzx9x@yahoo.com

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