To the very few people who still update em selves on the what’s up’s of my life.


            I think the number 2 has just become my new favorite number. J hehe. Today was the first day of our intrams [note: my first intrams outside STC] and yeah, for the past few days we’ve been woikin our asses off for the cheer dance. It was just last night that we finally finished everything. And minutes before the competition, it was really tense like, we started shouting and getting scared [ps. Forgetting the dance steps rin!] but anyways, after the whole presentation, we could finally relax and yeah… I haven’t been able to that in weeks. J but yesterday was fun though. J


            We won 2nd place for the cheer dance. Haha. Good enough.4th years won 1, 1st won 3rd place and the 3rd years won 4th. No offense or anything and please forgive me T. Brazil and T. Marge and to Gia cuz I know you come here but there dance was pretty crappy. And I thought we weren’t allowed to do lifting or shit like that. So???? Big question mark there [with a heart instead of a dot of course] :p And like yeah. Chance sa 4th years. Theirs was good sad. Hey, at least we got 2nd place… I’m gleaming.


            P.s. I officially hate the stupid jogging thingy that people do. I’ve seem it to much. Especially the nodding part.


            Oh, and by the way… our cheer.

“ Innocent looking 2x, looks can be deceiving 2x, hearts of gold 2x, kami ang mga sophomores!! “ the sophies are the dynamites, so don’t mess with the dynamites cuz if you mess with the dynamites it goes tick tick tick tick. BOOM dynamites! BOOM BOOM dynamites! J [kinawat ni bai!]


            And yes, let’s not forget the fashion reminder : I wore a crown and make-up! J make up doesn’t look good on my face… please, let’s just keep it in the bag.


            Ping pong ish.


            Help me with this one, Sab ;p haha! I still can’t believe it! I THINK well, according to them… I won second place! [over all, dummy!] I won against Kaori and Chona but lost against Vera. Well, the chick was good man sad! ;p anyways, I’m still a beginner. But still, like.. woah! J

            The 2nd years won against the first years for bball. We won badminton. But I didn’t get to swim because of my own personal reasons… bitaw oie, I just didn’t want to swim.


            After that, we just waited for the bus and me and les paul went to ayala cuz I had to buy pajama’s for Saturday. J tomorrow Ima wear white jogging pants and a back racer back top and my shrug.


            And yeah, Kathya…. Hahaha. I can’t wait to see what’s left of her lower lip! Dear, I don’t think ima play na ugma… I can feel my wrist and my elbow hurts! J


            Tomorrow we have a game against the 1st years and whoever wins that plays against the winners between the 3rd and 4th years. Wa pa gyud mi practice2x. hahaiz. Wanna bet we’re gonna loose?!?!


            Oh, gotta go. Mother’s here with food.


            I’ll fill you in tom.


            Lovey dovey oozing with huggiez,


            Issa [tootsie roll]


            p.s. some girls sit like this (ll) some girls sit like this (/ )

            girls who sit like this (/) get this (fucked)

            like this (snap!)


            and jan dean, I know just who that is


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