|| It pAys to rock hArd !! ||

FiGjaM = a person who has a high opinion of him or herself.

jet!! cool party bai! i think teacher kim was drunk. marshmallows and em.. hot. peepz hooking up, getting cuddly, getting wasted… having the time of their lives. sitting at the side watching em and thinking.. i shouldn’t be feeling thiz way. looking around saying to myself.. he shouldn’t have done that. hearing stories of how their plans were ruined and so on and so forth.

i love get togethers… yes, i do! 🙂

my seise is bleeding again!! >:p

singing my heart out was fun and although i did mess up one or a gazillion times, i’ll get over it.. they won’t rem. it;s my first time… i can live on excuses!! 😛

anyways, ima spend the night layout whoring again and like then, ima emote.

he didn’t have to come and do what he did. that was soo wrong. and now, i can’t stop … doubting.

i think i wanna fall for someone else.**

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