some people fall in love. some spend their whole lives looking for it. some find it, get tired and soon fall out of love. there are those who have found it. missed it and are getting over it. while there are others, who have been looking for love, have found it and now are dying to pretend that it never existed. which officially makes me the biggest liar in the world [or that i know of]

isn’t it that when you love someone you shouldn’t care what others have to say because what matters most is what you’re heart has to say? I mean, no offense. but, shouldn’t it just be you and him and no one else? i need help.

it’s just that. i’ve been keeping too many secrets that i know i should’ve been keeping but i guess, i thought it was better if i did. i mean, i’m happy. that’s the point right? maybe god wanted things to be like this. he wanted to keep me missunderstood, confused and everything so that He can take all the pain away like always.

whatever. we’ll find out. but for now.. i have to tell someone. she has the right to know.

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