lie to me. and lie like you mean it. i love you.. that’s the biggest

:/: and i’ll never let go, never let go.. until you want me to. lotz will come and lotz will go and if you’ll choose to go, i guess your true feelings will finally show. :/:

d0n’t keep it a secret. no longer keep it in. cuz i want to know if this is love or just another fling.

/: soon our lives will change and soon will your mind. but grasp the moment in your hands until the end of time /:

we could have each other and you could be somewhere else asides my dreams.

doesn’t that sound a tad bit like l o v e?

::.. h0w can y0u be soo perfect in my dreams but be everything that breaks my heart in reality? ..::

i’d like to think that my life is perfect right now and everything has fallen into place but it hasn’t and that breaks me into pieces.

all the hard work was a waste.. why did God make it that way? i hate it. thingz are soo hard and complicated and no one can help me but myself.

letz get this over with and just.. take me away


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