7. 18 – 22, 2005

monday: lmao. nothing important happened. i forgot.


we watched herbie! fun fun fun!


miguelito’s birthday! and toshio and isabel’s!

swoosh, guys can be soo gay sometimes noh?! basta, the “gender equalityness” started really early like, mga 7 something ciguro. tom is bigaon and he wanted to try on some of edna’s powder [because he’s soo friggin dark! lmao.just playinh] but edna said, “no” so, being as nice as i am.. i let tom borrow mine. then francis followed and next thing you know, all the guys had powdered faces! but that’s not the end!!! then, si toshio the only guy i know na manghulabot ug butang [wel, di man sad gyud xa guy so.. paytz rah!] started messing with my kikay kit and found my LIPGLOSS!! and passed it on to all the guys! so, powdered faces and glossed lipz.. what else you say?? eyeliner!! omg. the worst! no, actually… si tom man ang worst because he enjoyed it soo much and you could tell! unlike toshio, who pretended not to and as if he didn’t know how to put on lipgloss… i saw right through him bai!!

but, i’m kinda glad that the guys broke my lipgloss.. that proves something!! i hope!

on wednesdays we hae Pe’s… which makes wednesday’s one of my dyas in the world. but this wed. was diff. toshio man gud! malas! malas! malas!

cuz like, we were practicing and it was just sloppy and then it started tio rain! wtf?!

plus, i found out that the next day [thurs] we’d have to go to sto. nino vil. to practice volley which meant that i couldn’t visit stc!! and like, i miss them soo much. i feel like dying!

that nught, i spent it at granny’s with francis and louis and the family.. well, they said they were family. so be it. me and louise traded phones. we talked, laughed, felt depressed and discover something. hmmm.. haterz. we all know they all bitches!

thursday- bai! grabeha oie!

swoosh. this day was weird weird weird. just when i thought tha i was strong enough to suffer, everything backfired.

my chest and back we’re heavy  and i knew why this was so           but i tried to pretend i didn’t so that the people wouldn’t know.       but in the end i couldn’t fake it my insides, they were weak            my depressions leaked.

oooie, oa!!

di bitaw, i was sent to the er! wel, because i was soo pissed about stuff that…you know my condition na baya! so yeah. couldn’t breathe, felt like fainting, was shaking and turned a lighter shade. so yea. it was fun. tha should happen again! 🙂

so now, i have more medicine. but at least i was spoilt. shopping!!!! my drug!! 🙂

in, i did not collapse! hhaha. kaw gyud

friday- mommy!!

back to school na naman! sports club! try outs na wala diay nah dayun! practicE! a soar hand! teacher bus! the bracelet! argh.

k1 with lay and em. ice cream after and a week full of memories i can’t wait to forget! 🙂

well, that’s my week.

someday we’ll know.. yeah. are you meant to be mine?

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