could my day get any better? let’s pray it doesn’t get worse.

hey! i had such a fun day today! 🙂 i went to ayala and like, i played at timezone like crazy. i hung out with bayot, lik,, kim and neenyuh. i saw alot of mmch peepz like, nikko, pao, christian, anthony, yumi, alvina nd em peepz. it was soo cute. oh yeah,luoy kay si josh… i forced him to go to yala and then we kept on ditching him. not allooot of people there though. college peepz naman. no offense but i have a feeling life gets boring once your outta highschool. but whatever.

it’s almost my mom and migz birthday. still planning something great for my mom. lmao. 🙂

fill ya in with more. im theme whoring now!


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