Today is Friday, the last day of the weekday, the last day of our clinic for the week and the last day to gather all the memories and hope I’ll forget them.


I went to san case extra early today cuz me and chub wanted to catch up on some major gossiping. Well, not really gossip but maybe just to talk. But I got there a lil bit earlier than chub did cuz she accidentally rode the wrong jeep. “Go chub! You can do it!” Lmao. When I got there, Vera and Jyl were already there talking, so I joined in and we had this conversation. I just don’t remember what it was about though. Haha. When chub got there I gave her my organizer, which I asked her to keep, but before I gave it to her I had to tear out some stuff [personals… you know na;] but when we got to the court Chub’s class was bout to start. Ugh. Reminiscing started to sound good pa dyud. Whatapak! I don’t know how it happened basta I ended up hanging out with Leigh. We just talked bout random stuff. It was fun… I’ll always remember that! :] Haha.


Cards are phat! Cheeky-cha! Tong- itz! Heart attack! Unggoy unggoy!


Everyone in the tennis click [not that I’m in it or anything] was going out to ayala after class I wanted to go to but then, I had to go to the beach for god knows why. So I couldn’t go nalang though, I really really wanted to! Hahaiz. Next week lagi!


So anyways, the morning was the only interesting part of my day. I spent the whole afternoon at the beach and there was nobody there pa dyud! What a drag! I just kept texting and texting. Joy!


Clark texted me. Go laugh yours heads off and start the gossiping it was bound to happen.


I have nothing else to say. I’m too upset and stuff.




Mixed up inside and doesn’t know what to do. I wish that you would hold me and ask me to be with you. :’ [


It’s not what you’re thinking.

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