APRIL 13, 2005


Highlight of the day:


                                   “issa, dalawa, tatlo.”


And once again, I find myself sitting in front of the computer typing… typing. Typing down everything that has happened to me for the past days or the day, at the least.  Computers are so much safer than pieces of paper! And today, I learned it the hard way! As you all know, my ever-dearest mother and me aren’t in the best of terms. I woke up at 6 something to the sound of her voice saying “ate issa, di nata mag away ha?” with a nod and a little unsure ness I went back to sleep knowing that the chances of that ever happening was way slim. But hey, if saying “yes” would shut her up then hey, I’ll start saying yes to everything she says!


So after I took a bath, I went down stairs for breakfast… and I wish I didn’t. “ako pa’y selfish?!” wtf?! What was she talking about?


Which is where I conclude that I shall never trust paper again! And if I do, no form or anger or love or hurt shall be placed on it. And until my mother learns to mind her own god-damn business… I’m postponing the usage of my diary. [The notebook kind]


 So once again, I’m cell phone less,  my friend is mad at me, I’m mad at my friend  and my relatives from M-a-n-I-l-a are here. [Hey, I can still go the ayala… it’s all good!]


Now after all this bad luck in these couple of days, what’s the best part of it?  I say, is still crushing on him.  But then, he can’t see me.  I’m alive in MY dreams and there everything is perfect. If I had to predict something far more than true… it would be that… I’m invisible.


                                                “Issa, duha, tulo”

                                        [oMg! Pinansin mo ako!]


You noticed me! :’’’] [Tears of joy!]




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