+~.~* The biggest loser in the world!! *~.~


    They say 2-8 is better than a love set, but it’s breaking my heart. L


                [He found someone else… could today get any better?!]


Speaking of love sets, this shit was a love set set in hell. 1.4.3-0. Nikki, Chub, my people… you know what I’m talking about. ;[

[-] Yea, I lost… again. But that ain’t nothing new.

Oh, I lost against Kathleen Ponche. Good game, but it could’ve been better. I should’ve taken those carbs today… this life!! screw it!


I haven’t been writing blogs for the last few days or weeks… sorrynaged. I’ve been visiting it though, like every chance I get but, there’s just nothistng to write these days.


Like I always say about tennis,


[-] “whack that goddamn ball like it ain’t no one’s business”!


What Erwin says bout tennis,


[-] “Start low and end high!”


What all my other coaches say,


[-] “FOLLOW THROUGH, ayaw apili ug init sa ulo!”


I’m soo in for the second batch and ima win this time. this… this love!!


What’s been up with your PRINCESS these days:


Oh, about me being a princess thing.. a lot of people [guys] get intimidated by that. I’m not a BRAT. I just like the idea of being one… so RAE!! Dun be trippin… watcha back, School’s about to start!!









                                       “areyouready?”          “ugh,sakita!”                                      


yeah, they came over. It was all good. We played PS, ate, ate, ate. It was all clean fun. Promise.



            Ima anti-boy and I’m proud of it! He is soo like, 2 days ago! So don’t try to put your arm around my shoulder or be all touchy-feely on me cuz I’m not gonna fall this time. You may like me and Karma maybe sweet but that won’t be my problem anymore, ya hear?! Single bitch for life… represent that!!


Things I forgot to mention:

[-] I lost my memory card

[-] I drew for chub!! [she still brings out the artist in me.

[-] I met ismol times. Budoy [lolo] we be textin sometimes and is all fun.


Naa mi zecret ni Clark. Oooiieee..


Shout out to:










Kuya kit







And all em mo foes

hey, haven’t been updating this thing. guess i didn’t want all you peepz all up on the shit thats happening lately. anyways, tennis is tennis and all. whatever.

im chattin with lannah right now. i miss her soo much right now..

* for the record.. maybe i still do like him. buh just a bit. *


iz 6 here. gtg.


ass kickin song ya’ll!!

I saw my boyfriend hanging with this girl that I hate
He didn’t have to tell why last night he was late
I can’t believe what you tell me
Your lies have come undone
Now I’m living on the run looking out for number one

I took a ride to the city
Had to get out of this place
I just can’t say I’m pretty
When the tears fall down my face
I used to think it was over
But its only just begun
Now I’m living on the road looking out for number one

One day you’ll see me but only when your dreaming
One day you’ll say I was the one
I used to ride on a Greyhound stashed away on a train
But I take for the subway
That’s were the goods are in the rain
I wanna follow the rivers to an island in the sun
Now I’m living on the road looking out for number one

One day you’ll see me but only when your dreaming
One day you’ll say I was the one
Late at night trying to fight
I just might figure out him
Right now I’m feeling fine
I’m better off without him ya!
One day you’ll see me but only when your dreaming
One day you’ll say I was the one
I know that on day you’ll see me
I’ll haunt you when your dreaming
One day you’ll say I was the one
I’m number one


          “If all else fails, will you be brave enough to love me?

                                      If all else fails, will you be brave enough

                                                   To see right through me?”

                                          [Same ground by : Kitchie Nadal]


Highlight of the day:

  [-] M.U.: Murag Unggoy


          My daily routine consists of waking up everyday from 5:00 or 5:30 a.m. I go online, post my blog from the previous day [because my mouse is always jammed up at night], take a bath, change, the basics [deo, sun block, etc.] eat and soon after that, I’m on my way to San Case. I ride a jeep and then walk all the way to Petron [that’s a gas station for all you idiots who didn’t know that] and then ride another jeep to S.C. when I get there, I just talk and stuff until Kit comes and we play for while. When I get back, we talk, play and other stuff. Once it reaches 10 o’clock we all go to court 3-4 to warm up and then go to courts 1-2 to start off. When it reaches 12 we’re all done but I usually hang out until 12:30 then, I go back home the same way I went there. Then I eat lunch go to sleep [nap] and then when I wake up… I do whatever I want. And in every activity I do… I am always texting. Except when I’m taking my nap of course. ;P


I bet you’re wondering why I’m telling you all this, aren’t you? Well, because today was different. I woke up at 6 but I didn’t go online. I took a bath and then ate. I rode the 1st jeep but then I walked all the way to san case instead. Trip lang. When I got there, well… I forgot what I did. Anyhow, instead of going home right away, I stayed until two. We we’re just hangin out playing cards, taking piciez, basketball and stuff. Pauline brought over her uncle’s dog [priest uncle] and I just couldn’t get enough of that mutt neither could ragde or leigh. It was all fun. Leigh is attached to long hair… he should grow his own. That would be hot. LMAO.


          When I got home, one of the yaya’s [I don’t know her name] had totally re arranged my room… and I thought that was my job!!! But I have to cut her some slack cuz it was nice. For some reason, I made myself some earrings out of paper clips and then I took a bath and spent the rest of the afternoon buhming out at home. At 5 I felt sleepy so I took a nap and I woke up at 7. me and Clark worked things out. It’s all good. No more MU shit. Hahaiz. Whatever!


          Me and the girlz are goin to the mall tomorrow to watch a movie. I was going to dress up real good but, I guess I’m too lazy for that… I’m going in shorts. World, watch out for my legz!! LMAO.


          My parents and my grand lolo are outside getting wasted… I’m still waiting for their invitation. But I havta go now.




[-] tennis : wuz aiight. no highlights of the day or any of tha foirst.

[-] youth on fire: street dancin iz the bomb.

[-] no more visitors. i have my room back!!

[-] sleepin late and textin… choi!

Thought of the day:


“I think I just captured happiness”



Yeah, I think did. Ü Well, today was aryt. The mornings are like, the only interesting parts of my days. I go to san case and have fun… and more. ;p


Well, today was fun and awkward. I mean, it was weird cuz I brought a Barbie doll to our clinic today. [I know, I’m still asking myself the same thing with CAPITAL LETTERS, WHY??] Lmao. In the morning I was like the 3rd one to get there. The first 2 were Vera and Jyl. We just did some random stuff and talked about random stuff too. Then Kit arrived so as usual, we played. Today’s a Monday and like. I wasn’t used to playing na. Amazing what two days off can do to you. ;p anyways, as usual we played our dome card game. At first I played this one person game that Vera taught me it was all good. Then, we played unggoy-unggoy. That was in court 5 though cuz Leigh, Nikki and Edgar were playing. Then, we went back to the canteen place where we played heart attack. It was my second time to play but this time, I lost. Ugh. And everyone had to “labtik” [I forgot what that is in English] me. Hahaiz. Thank god it didn’t hurt. It was all good in the morning.


I was supposed to go to mmch for my very early enrollment then, thank God we didn’t. chub was supposed to run away.. that was a problem. but then, they worked things out and chub ended up staying home the rest of the day.


Uhm, there’s nothing else to say right now so ima cut this thing short.





Today is Friday, the last day of the weekday, the last day of our clinic for the week and the last day to gather all the memories and hope I’ll forget them.


I went to san case extra early today cuz me and chub wanted to catch up on some major gossiping. Well, not really gossip but maybe just to talk. But I got there a lil bit earlier than chub did cuz she accidentally rode the wrong jeep. “Go chub! You can do it!” Lmao. When I got there, Vera and Jyl were already there talking, so I joined in and we had this conversation. I just don’t remember what it was about though. Haha. When chub got there I gave her my organizer, which I asked her to keep, but before I gave it to her I had to tear out some stuff [personals… you know na;] but when we got to the court Chub’s class was bout to start. Ugh. Reminiscing started to sound good pa dyud. Whatapak! I don’t know how it happened basta I ended up hanging out with Leigh. We just talked bout random stuff. It was fun… I’ll always remember that! :] Haha.


Cards are phat! Cheeky-cha! Tong- itz! Heart attack! Unggoy unggoy!


Everyone in the tennis click [not that I’m in it or anything] was going out to ayala after class I wanted to go to but then, I had to go to the beach for god knows why. So I couldn’t go nalang though, I really really wanted to! Hahaiz. Next week lagi!


So anyways, the morning was the only interesting part of my day. I spent the whole afternoon at the beach and there was nobody there pa dyud! What a drag! I just kept texting and texting. Joy!


Clark texted me. Go laugh yours heads off and start the gossiping it was bound to happen.


I have nothing else to say. I’m too upset and stuff.




Mixed up inside and doesn’t know what to do. I wish that you would hold me and ask me to be with you. :’ [


It’s not what you’re thinking.

[Highlight of the day]


                                                “Heart attack!!”


OoO, I’m in trouble and I have no one else to blame for it but myself!


I don’t know why I’m worrying so much, there was never a “thing” and I don’t think there ever will be, especially after what happened! What did I get myself into this time?


I know that I should just embrace the present and be ready for the future. And in line with that, I’ll be sure to be holding my racket when that day comes! I should just live in the moment that **stuff** happened. [Discretion is the key!] And that maybe ina couple of days or weeks or months I’ll here it from somebody else that my nightmare just came true. So I’m prepared.


Yeah, I’m still prayin that he’ll say the words that I will always remember till’ the day I die. And when he does say it, I won’t be dreamin anymore. :]


Omg. Everything is suddenly racing into my head and it’s making me sick to the stomach! I don’t know what to do or think anymore… all I know for sure is… because of today, I just might have ruined my chances and maybe, it’s not all my fault. If I had only told someone how I felt, all of this could be stopped. I’m sorry, there’s just no one trust worthy to tell.

today was the best.

i got my phone back, i went to yala, i slept, i talked to my teachers at school and stuff.

i had my hair cut for no good reason.

bought myself fake pearls since my mother refuses to lend me hers. ugh. LoL.

i didn’t do anythin’ great or extreme or whatevr today. kalma lang.

**i think that’s why i like today soo much.**

oh yea, me and martin are textin. iTz sUmMer aGain dYud.