school shmool

at biz depot again with diana. i promised myself never to come here again but geez, i’m so freakin bored. haha. i wish someone, ANYONE would snatch me and bring me to wherever as long as it’s far from here and as long as it keeps me from studying. i’m so tired and my brain is probably overworked too. haha.

i had to promise diana i’d bangka her just to get here. i hate free loaders. sigh.

anyways, i switched phones with this friend of mine, amiel. and turns out it got snatched. hahaha. oh well, looks like i’m getting a new phone 😀


always at the bottom

i refuse to be with someone who constantly makes me feel like i’m always at the bottom of his list.
like the way you make me feel ALL THE TIME BAH.

my PBB TEENS experience:
yawa gyud aie. hahaha. sakit kay’s dughan bai
director: [after a few ques.] wait, ilang taon ka na ba talaga?
me: uhh… 18?
dir: eh, anong ginagawa mo dito?
me: i’m not ready to be a part of the adults…
dir.: hindi talaga pwede eh..

nganu nag teens man gyud ko oie. i really hate myself right now. haha.

no, i actually don’t care.

i’m sunburnt.

from now on i will only date older men. not guys older by a few months. older gyud. BAHALA NAMO.

i see my friends do it and they’re happy.

older men is where the 🙂 and <3’s are.

di bitaw. i’m anti dating.

no moooooooooooore kay pareha ramong tanan!

this one is for YOU

Come with me
Stay the night
Just say the words but boy it don’t feel right
What do ya expect me to say (You know it’s just too little too late)
You take my hand
And you say you’ve changed
But boy you know your begging don’t fool me
Because to you it’s just a game (You know it’s just too little too late)

So let me go now
‘Cause time has made me strong
I’m starting to move on
I’m gonna say this now
Your chance has come and gone
And you know…

It’s just too little too late
A little too long
And I can’t wait
But you know all the right things to say (You know it’s just too little too late)
You say you dream of my face
But you don’t like me
You just like the chase
So be real
It doesn’t matter anyway (You know it’s just too little too late)

Yeah yeaaahhh… It’s just too little too late… Mhmmm

I was young
And in love
I gave you everything
But it wasn’t enough
And now you wanna communicate (You know it’s just too little too late)
Go find someone else
And letting you go
I’m loving myself
You got a problem
But don’t come asking me for help
‘Cause you know…

I can love with all of my heart, baby
I know I have so much to give (I have so much to give)
With a player like you I don’t have a prayer
That’s the way to live
Ohhhh… mmm nooo
It’s just too little too late