What’s Happening @ #HyperCebu

Hey guys! I just came back from #HyperCebu at the Baseline!

For those who haven’t gone yet, it’s totally fine! You still have about… 24++ hours or so before the event ends. (It’s 9:00 pm now, it ends at 9:00 pm tomorrow so I think my math is just about right. haha) So if you’re wondering what’s going on there, here’s a photo dump of what I experienced this afternoon:


Faith De Guzman

Liz Dumdum

Neil San Pedro

Gillian Uang

Rabsin dela Cruz

Dawn Sy & Sophia Sanchez

Their pre-loved items are sold for as long as P50.00! I got myself an origami skirt from Gillian for P100.00- it was totally worth it!

For those who are wondering, I am not selling my pre-loved clothes HOWEVER, I do have something big coming up next month so heads up on that 😉


Go Rage @goragesocks

The Graphic Tee Shop

Snap Ltd.


Filthy Project

Island Souveneirs

Knick Knackery




Grub Street

Azul (Tuslob Buwa)

Everything Bacon

FaiRy’s Foodboth


Now for my #HyperOOTD

Cellphone pouch used as a bag from Digi Babe

Clothes from Citi Wear

Here are a few of my tips when dressing up for a Rave party/ Bazaar/ Outdoor event:

– Be prepared to sweat. It is an outdoor event after all.

– Keep your valuables close & Pack light. I chose to carry around my cellphone pouch/bag and just keep my money in it so I didn’t have to carry a heavy bag while trying out clothes and looking at the stalls.

– Be comfortable. You will be walking around for hours plus the occasional pit stops when you run into friends so it’s a good idea to prioritize your comfort if you don’t wanna end up going early.

– Come with a budget. Don’t ask how much I spent today. I didn’t come with a budget…

– Have lots of fun!

Summer’s almost over for most of us so let’s try to make the most out of it!

Thank you #HyperTeam for the opportunity for us bloggers to meet up with our readers and just have a good time!

‘Til the next!



Take Me Places


Posting the last set of photos I took with Roger Cas. You can see the first set and read the melodramatic side of me on this post.

I’m proud to say that the picture above is my most reblogged photo on Tumblr and it has been featured mostly on bike enthusiasts pages.

For those who are wondering… No, I do not own this bike (unfortunately) but I do own my own racing bike. I competed last year during the Sugbo Triathlon in Oslob and if my knee allows me to, I intend on joining again this year. If there’s one thing I love as much as I love fashion, it’s sports (and I don’t even TRY to be the least bit fashionable when I play. shorts + big shirt = perfection!) which I think reflects me a lot. I’m not exactly a girly girl but I’m not a tomboy either. Well, on most days.

What do YOU love? 🙂

If you love events and if you’d love to meet me and my other Cebu Fashion Blogging friends, head down to the Baseline this afternoon for #hypercebu! I’ll be there from 1 – 5 pm and I’d be glad to meet you guys!!

I’ve seen my daily analytic… I know I have readers. Please be kind and say “hi” LOL

See you guys there and if you need more details about the event please check out this entry



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