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Ok HONESTLY, I wish I actually had the time to just lounge around, play some good old NBA 2K15 (or Watchdogs or Second Son or Diablo- the list goes on…) but I don’t.

 Fortunately, I do have enough time to make a quick tribute to my home team, The Golden State Warriors who by the by, just won the NBA 2015 finals after 40 years! Also, to all the Filipinos who have made California their homes, this one’s for you!

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2015-06-23 01.27.44 1I think that it is also important for everyone to know that I have been madly in love with Stephen Curry for the past year. But more than my love for him, I think that he stands as a true role model for anyone who has been told that they couldn’t do this or that they weren’t “enough”.

A good friend of mine shared this article with me this morning and to anyone who’s ever been told that they were too short, too dark, that they didn’t fit in with the standards of typical beauty or any type of judgement- they only win if you let them.

We can be whoever we want to be and millions of people, not just Steph Curry, have proven it. There are so many inspirational people and quotes out there to get us through adversities and God bless each and every one of them but what good are all these things if it doesn’t start with you?

So glad to know that my future baby daddy is talented, empowering and not to mention; drop dead gorgeous!

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2015-06-23 01.27.50 1GSW Shirt: Adidas| Shorts: Gaisano Grand| Leather Jacket: Urban Republic

P.S. I didn’t not wake up like this

P.S.S. I am losing more money than I am making it. My brother now charges me P100.00 to take my photos. Negosyante sad diay. 😐 🙁 :'( :'((







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IssaDreams: I Wish I Was In Malaysia


 Someday I wish to take this blog to different places and show you the world through my eyes- bright eyed and crazy! But in the mean time, I’m enjoying saving up money and widening my options when it comes to travel bucketlists and options.

I was lucky enough to experience what Malaysia would be like without even having to step foot out of the country when I was invited to Tourism Malaysia’s special campaign launch at the Marriot Hotel last June 10.


I got to witness the many cultural presentations of Malaysia and most importantly, my options were opened in terms of things to do and places to go to when I actually get to to Malaysia.

Here’s what I’d probably do:

* Release the inner child in me at Lego Land

* Admire the Petronas Towers great architectural structures in Kuala Lumpur

* Explore Genting Highlands

* Do some major shopping! Malaysia is, afterall, known as the 4th best shopping city in the world!

* Relax on their pristine beaches

Although I won’t be going there anytime soon, hopefully your schedules are a little more open than mine and you can explore this wonderful city with friends or family.

This year Malaysia is celebrating the theme “Endless Celebrations” and by using the hashtag #mybffxoxo, you may even get the chance to win a 3 days, 2 nights all expense paid trip to Malaysia!

DSCF0768Lots of love from my favorites, Toni, Jean and Sinjin!

For more information visit:




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