The best thing I’ve ever done is choosing to be alone or rather to surround myself with people who no longer make me feel so small.

I don’t have to prove myself to people I care about and if they cared about me, I would never have to prove myself to them anyways.  I don’t have to worry about disappointing people because I am not disappointing myself. I’m moving at my own pace and I feel like I’m flying right now.

I’m working on a film, I’m on schedule, I’m setting meetings with clients, I’m playing with my hedgehog, packing for events and reading again. I am at peace because noone is waging a war with me and in return, I am not starting wars with myself.

I get sad sometimes, but sadness is a feeling that hovers around me like a rain cloud but I always sleep it off.

I’m listening to a song that used to make me cry but now it’s just background noise and that means a lot especially for the sentimental loser that I am.

I wake up contented now knowing that I’m living this life for noone but myself whether I am alone or not. I don’t have to worry about hurting anyone or falling short or having my mistakes dangled in my face and that is truly the best part about all of this. 

I am OK. I hope you are all the same.

A Few Tips on Making Christmas Shopping Easier


Christmas shopping can often be such an ordeal not only on your pockets but on your time and energy, as well. I love getting gifts for the people I love but let’s be honest, having to brave the traffic, push through crowds, long cues and lugging around heavy shopping bags isn’t exactly a shoppers day in heaven.

So here a few tips on how to make your Christmas shopping a lot easier:

1. Make your own gifts.

Whether it’s your world famous cookies, a customized picture frame or a simple nick knack; DIY gifts go along way budget-wise and in terms of making an impression. If you’re not the craftiest, there are a bunch of ideas online to inspire you so don’t be after to let your imagination run loose!

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2. Do your Christmas shopping months in advance.

Once the -ber moments kick in, sales seem to pop up everywhere so why not start buying gifts as early as then? This way, you won’t have to worry about spending all your money in one piece, carrying huge shopping bags and you’ll have more time to think about what to get your friends because you started shopping early!

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3. Shop at bazaars instead of malls.

I love supporting local products and businesses which is why you will frequently find me bazaar or food market hopping. There are so many local items that us Cebuano’s take for granted that are super affordable and steer away from the typical gift ideas- why not take advantage of these for Christmas?

There are countless holiday bazaars happening throughout the metro so take some time with your friends or family and spend the afternoon shopping, eating and having a grand time!

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4. Shop online

 Let’s Stylize is just one of the many online stores locally, nationally and internationally but I trust in their products 100%. This holiday season, not only are they offering clothes and make up but even baked goodies, as well. Making transactions with them is easy breezy which is why I would suggest them to everyone who’s hoping to make their holiday shopping a little bit easier.

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Photographed by Hanz Florentino on Studio Inspiro

What are you favorite online stores?

Do you have any holiday shopping tips of your own? Let me know in the comments below!

Easy on the spending,

Issa P.


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