[VLOG] OPPO A83 User Review (After 1 Week Use) & All The Wonderful Hate That Came With It

I had a very interesting time reviewing the Oppo A83 not just because I was given the opportunity to play with a new toy for an entire week but also because of the backlash that came with it. I’m not a stranger to mean comments and honestly, I could give a flying rats ass about it but you know, some of you guys are real winners.

I would elaborate on this but I’m too caught up watching To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before for the third time and to be honest, the mean things you say don’t even make sense but for comical purposes- here are my favorites:

What else should I review?

Issa P.

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[VLOG] I Wore Maybelline’s Superstay Matte Ink For 24 Hours!

I’m not a fan of lipstick but I do suffer from retail fomo which basically means, I must get my hands on everything trendy and “in”. I honestly try not be like this but when a lipstick says it can last up to 16 hours, you just have to give in… and then make a Youtube video out of it testing it for 24 hours because you’re the dummy who misread the marketing packaging. classic issa.

Here are the other colors of this amazing line of lipstick:

Image result for superstay matte ink shades

Find these at your local department store or online

Issa P.

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