[VLOG/ BLOG] Things To Do in Cebu: Astro’s Space Park, SM City Cebu

Looking for a place that will allow your child to release pent up energy while encouraging them to use their imagination through interactive play areas with a magical, space themed background? Encourage interaction, tactile skills, physical & imaginative play on your young ones at Astro’s Space Park, Cebu’s only space themed play zone for kids!

Not only is it a huge indoor playground for children, it is also a great learning zone for them as it mixes traditional play, tech play, along with a little bit of science in between! I specifically like how it sparks curiosity among tykes, encouraging them to ask “why and how”. I don’t have kids yet but when the day comes, I would love for them to challenge me with questions because it means they are eager to learn.

ALSO. IT’S SPACE THEMED AND OMG HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE ANYTHING SPACE THEMED?! Comment below if you wanted to be an astronaut growing up! :p

Astro’s Space Park is located at the 3rd level, SM City Cebu, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City. For questions, inquiries, reservations and the like, you may reach them here.

Issa P.

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I have:

2 fathers, 2 mothers (at a time, 3), 2 sisters, 3 brothers which means that I am spoiled with love and affection. I may not have seen it that way at first but nothing is more clear to me than this now.

As my previous sentence suggests,  obviously being a part of a broken/ blended/ new age/ modern family was something that I struggled with growing up but as I got older and as I began to understand why people are they way they are and why things are the same way, I came to the realization that: it’s only a problem if you perceive it as one.

I mean think of it in this perspective: why would I complain about having an abundance of the greatest thing in the world, a family, when some people never even have the privilege of having one? There are people in the world who want nothing else but a family and here I am doubled in it.

There’s really nothing to be sad about. I am #blessed.

But I wanted to share this post with you, my friends, if in case you are going through some tribulations in your life right now. Growing up, I had my mom & my papa to talk to and they always made me see the clearer picture especially when I couldn’t but I understand that many of you don’t. But I’m here and I might know what you’re going through so don’t feel like you have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. I am always here to listen…

Hope this helps,
Issa P.