3 Months Later…

Today was my first time to go out after 3 long months. I decided to jog.

As I was pacing through the street, I couldn’t help but constantly look up at the sky, the skyline and just soak up the sun, the fresh air and the whole world that I had missed so sorely.

I sort of thought, in my head, that the moment I stepped on to the street there would be cheerie music busting out of my ass. Yk how you can always tell that a character in movies just had sex?


I thought it would feel like this but 10x except it wasn’t. I tried to look and smile at everyone I passed by but people just kept their gaze down and so… I stopped in front of my favorite spot in the area (where you get just the right mix of nature and city) & cried.

I looked around and everything was sort of somber but it was still sort of beautiful and so I decided to go home.

I thought a lot of thoughts during that 30 minute run like how beautiful life is and how life goes on with or without us.

Like how hard it is to jog with a mask on and how eye shields are just a fancy term for sun glasses.

I thought about how this pandemic is going to affect us as social beings and if I’ll ever be able to beso my friends again and you know, typical thoughts you have when you jog.

It was good. I’m gonna do it again tomorrow!

My babies called me up today ✨

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