Thankful for a lot of thing today but I’m feeling a little under the weather so it’s a bit hard to enumerate every single blessing so I’m going to make tonight’s entry short and sweet.

1. That I ate everything I deep fried I could a hold of.

2. That Jonas made it possible because I could not shut up about it. If you’re reading this, thanks for picking me up for lunch and for dropping me home! (fist bump emoji)

3. That I accomplished most of the tasks (and more) that I had made for myself.

4. That I am feeling kinda sick because if this develops that means I can watch Harry Potter all day like I usually do on sick days. I haven’t watched them in a while…

I just want to lie down for the next 2 days and be cuddled with. I want to be a babyyy.

Here’s a photo of me being the cheerleader that I am. LOL

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