5 Fun Valentines Ideas You Can Enjoy With A Loved One, Friends and/or Family

Valentines is just around the corner and while restaurants and typical date places are slowly filling up, a young couple on a budget might want to stick to the simpler things instead.

I’ve never been a huge fan of fancy dates so I thought I would share with you some fun activities that you might want to consider doing this year. But not to fret, I’ve also got my single friends in mind and made sure that these “date” ideas are definitely barkada or family friendly!

1.  Drive down south, check out the beach and head back for a nice dinner at Cafe Terazza, Car-car

There are lots of things to do in the south- just check out this video here. If you are your bae or beaus are into the beach life, you might want to try to get away from the city, get some vitamin D and then head back home for some dinner & dessert.

On any other day, you can also checkout Cafe Terraza on the 3rd floor of the RRG building (where 711 and Mang Tinapay are) and enjoy your merkado bought Car-car lechon there!

2. Chill roadside at Sushi Boy

Catch the golden hour at Sushi Boy at the North Reclamation Area. It’s a great place to take romantic photos at, have intimate conversations and who doesn’t love Japanese food?

3. Jump for joy at the Extreme Aeropark


Not everyone is into the traditional romantic dinner set up and sometimes a fun activity is the best kind yet. So on Valentines, you might want to try something exciting and enjoy the amenities at Extreme Aeropark Indoor Trampoline Park. They also have laser tag!

4. Have a picnic

When you want the whole world to yourself, what better idea than to create your own world? I suggest planning a special and intimate picnic dinner at the back of a truck or on some open ground.

Some food ideas: something packed, bottled and easy to eat and clean up after!

5. Stay indoors

If you’re anything like me and would prefer to stay indoors on such a beautiful occasion, why not have a cozy night indoors instead? Play a classic romantic movie, prepare the most Tumblr-esqe setup you can and just enjoy each others company away from all the noise and traffic.

What do you have planned for Valentines?

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