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As soon as the holidays are over, I usually like to reward myself with a little something special. While I like to be practical with my purchases, I also try my best to inject some fun and personality into the things that I buy.

This year I’ve been eyeing these  leather tablet cases from because of their cute designs, affordability and durability. If you drop by their site, you’ll instantly fall in love with them and will eventually find yourself asking how many cases do you actually need? At least that’s what happened to me. lol.

If you’re living in the Philippines, unfortunately, this is not available but if you have relatives living in the US then you’re in luck! If your looking specifically for a case for iPad Pro 12.9 inch, there are a lot of options for you here and they’ll even deliver it straight to your doorstep!

I am currently trying to choosing between the following designs:

Which design should I get? Which one are YOU getting?

Issa P.

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