A Day In the Life..

6:00 am – wake up
7:00 – 6:30: School
6:30 – study, eat, write notes
9:00 – pretend i’m interesting
10:30 – sleep

my life is soo complex. 0o.

Had a meeting with my research group today and when I called my papa to pick me up found out that they couldn’t fetch me cuz they were all on their way to S and R. Out of frustration,I used my mom’s money [that i still owe her from last night] to buy Mcdonald’s because well… I’m always hungry. But half way through my meal I realized that she”ll proli take it out of my allowance for next week and then I just wanted to punch something.

Tomorrow’s monday and here I am putting the pro in procrastination again. I am the absolute shit. Someone build me a shine and praise me.

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