first of all, pls keep this between us. and delete this immediately after reading. hehe

and yeah, we did it. more than once. hahaha. i am so naughty. well, let me just tell you that we have perfected the art of making out and he has, for several times, spent the night at my house. however, in those times, we only got as far as the third base. (we never did anything when i was with ——-,  it was simply verbal flirting.) now, i think, this is truly a pseudo-relationship. i mean, he talks to me a lot. he has told me about his family. and his childhood. and his friends. i, on the other hand, keeps my mouth shut. i never share my life to him (except ——–). i do this because i don’t want to feel that we have something more than this game. yeah, i am trying to brace myself from the impending pain. and he gets jealous of other guys. and i feel, that he wants me to be jealous of other girls, too. i told him i am incapable of doing that because i have a cold heart. (“and a hot ass,” he replied).

so, yeah, it happened. you know what, i am more delirious about the fact that i had sex than about the fact that i did it WITH HIM. hehe. what does that say?

there was pain. there was blood. there were soiled sheets. i spent a whole morning in bed. with him. which is weird, because i hate waking up with a guy — a stranger– in my room. what does that say?

and like i said the last time, we will only be friends. nothing more. promise. no more casual sex for me. hehe..

yuck. nya, tuo sad mo?! :)) chab sent this to me from a chick on multiply. YOU GO, GIRL ;P

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