all hail issa


haven’t been able to go online lately. basically cuz i have better things to do. lol. i’m getting my braces off in 2 days and i’m so hyped. i’m planning james’ sister’s baby shower which will be on monday. i have to get drunk on saturday because i live on alcohol now. adrian just got back from manila.

people i’ve fooled today:
* Chabel – told her our friend was pregnant
* Papa – i told him me and james got  back together

* Kate, Kevin and Adrian – same joke
* Andrea – told her i was leaving for the states. i’m such a loser

i’ve been hooked on Super Paper Mario for a while and i swear, it’s ruining my life. lol.

my life right now is good. thanks for asking.

i guess i’ll stay up all night again. thinking. :))

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