alpha kapa yo yo mama

i thought i was gonna get my braces off today but omega decided to make my wait worthwhile and made me go back on monday. hopefully i get it off then.

it’s a saturday and i’m home. with no plans of going out. i guess at first i thought i HAD to be out all the time because i could. but like today, i’m just home and i’ll proli do nothing until 5 am but oddly,i’m ok with that.

there’s really nothing to blog about. i mean, i do have a lot on my head right now but i just don’t know how i’m going to say everything. :

but anyways, i got wasted again last night and for a moment feelings were misinterpreted but that’s over na. i really don’t know how to talk right now. and i’m kinda pressured to blog rihgt now KAY SAMOKKAY NING PISTI NA SI KEVIN!!

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