Crying Over Absolutely Nothing

I often wonder if our life would have been any different if this pandemic never happened.

Maybe we finally had that honeymoon.

Who thinks about a fucking honeymoon during a pandemic? Sorry if it’s shallow but I still get really sad about it.

Is that bad? People are dying and I’m here, inside a comfortable home, wishing I could travel? It sounds selfish but I can’t help but be sad about it sometimes.

Because maybe if things were different, I would be pregnant by now and not have to worry about giving birth during a pandemic. Maybe all the things we planned & talked about & dreamed about would have actually happened

This isn’t how our 2020 was supposed to be like and while we all put on a pretty face and say we’ll soldier through this sometimes when it’s 3 o clock in the morning- you can’t help but cry.

3 Months Later…

Today was my first time to go out after 3 long months. I decided to jog.

As I was pacing through the street, I couldn’t help but constantly look up at the sky, the skyline and just soak up the sun, the fresh air and the whole world that I had missed so sorely.

I sort of thought, in my head, that the moment I stepped on to the street there would be cheerie music busting out of my ass. Yk how you can always tell that a character in movies just had sex?

I thought it would feel like this but 10x except it wasn’t. I tried to look and smile at everyone I passed by but people just kept their gaze down and so… I stopped in front of my favorite spot in the area (where you get just the right mix of nature and city) & cried.

I looked around and everything was sort of somber but it was still sort of beautiful and so I decided to go home.

I thought a lot of thoughts during that 30 minute run like how beautiful life is and how life goes on with or without us.

Like how hard it is to jog with a mask on and how eye shields are just a fancy term for sun glasses.

I thought about how this pandemic is going to affect us as social beings and if I’ll ever be able to beso my friends again and you know, typical thoughts you have when you jog.

It was good. I’m gonna do it again tomorrow!

My babies called me up today ✨

I’m Thinking About Burritos

Sometimes in the middle of the night, Paolo reaches out to me in his sleep. In these sleepy scenarios he is either: asking me to hold his hand (which is difficult when you like to sleep with your back against him) or he’ll just place his hand on top of me. Tonight it’s on my hip.

I swear to God, it is the most comforting touch to ever feel in the entire world.

Having someone reach out for you when they themselves don’t even know it makes me feel so needed. Like I actually matter in this big, bad world.

And i know i say this a lot but it’s the best feeling in the world considering how unimportant i used to feel.

[AD] Online Shopping with BerryLook

I’ve been on lockdown for the last 2 months and let me tell you- I’ve been through all the emotions.

I recently decided to declutter my closet and once the ECQ has been liften, I plan on selling them and instantly replacing them with these cheap clothes online that I’ve been eyeing for the last few weeks.

Honestly, online shopping has definitely kept my thoughts at bay. It’s helped me cope and look forward to all the places I can’t wait to wear these pieces at!

Aside from the cheap dresses online, I’ve also been looking for a lot of other stuff such as shoes!

I think these pieces are super cute and stylish and I can’t wait to see if they will go great with my existing pieces.

Moreover, I’d really like to see if the quality is good or not. So I guess we’ll just have to see!

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Waist Training with FeelinGirl

Ever since my first feature with FeelinGirl, I’ve been growing more and more curios about waist trainer for women. For some reason, every time I think of them- I imagine Kim Kardashian. I’ve been doing my research on them (still) and while I’m not completely sold on the thought of using a waist trainer just yet, if I did ever consider using one, I’d definitely choose this one.

I’ve always been a fan of teal and so scrolling through their selection, this one definitely caught my eye.

So since I’m not completely convinced on getting waist trainers, I decided to take a look at their shapewear shorts instead. I was pretty impressed with the options that they offered because they all looked like they were made with great quality.

I’ve definitely found myself in shapewear before and I appreciate how they give me that extra boost of confidence. While I do urge all of us to eventually have the confidence to strut our bodies without a shaper- I respect women who finding themselves more comfortable in one. And so, I’m sharing this interesting piece with all of you!

I’m pretty interested in the best waist trainer from FeelinGirl because the pieces they offer all look so great!

What do you ladies think about waist trainers & body shapers? Would you suggest them? Would you encourage them? Let me know how you feel!

Cheap Dresses with Callabuy

I’ve been on the lookout lately for cheap clothes for women. While online shopping isn’t really an option for me to take advantage of right now, I can only assume how the economy will be after we make it out of this. Having said that, I still want to be able to wear cute clothes but definitely pieces that don’t break bank but still allow me to look cute and fashionable.

Thus, my obsessive online shopping lately.

I’ve been looking a lot at fashion dresses especially those that would look good in my Bayhana videos. I just think it would be so cute to go out again in cute, sophisticated dresses like the ones that I’ve picked out today.

Luckily Callabuy has a pretty good selection of pieces to choose from, depending on your style. I wish they were a little younger, if I’m being completely honest but if it’s practical outfits- this is definitely the place you should be checking out!

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Shop smart!


Online Shopping with

With the current lockdown I’m left here, day in and day out on my laptop. Hours on end of nonstop scrolling. I’ve kind of run out of things to do that I’ve ended up searching for cute clothing even if there’s not really anywhere to go nowadays. In a way, it’s been therapeutic because I look at the clothes and imagine myself wearing them somewhere, someday and it gives me a sense of hope which is something I’ve been needing a lot of lately.

It’s a bit odd to be looking for tops online, especially at a time like this but I can’t deny that these pieces are still really cute and i would love to be able to own these pieces one day. Either that or just being able to look at them has brought me immense joy.

Ninacloak has a lot of interesting pieces. I have my eye on a couple pieces, especially the ones that I highlighted in this post. While I do find some of their pieces a bit dated, they’re still great for a sunny summer day or a casual day out and I still think anyone can pull these pieces off.

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