D’Pond: Don’t Teach A Man To Fish, He’s Old Enough. He Can Do It On His Own

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Snicker at the blog title. Oh, fishthat you?? My family’s always been the pretty adventurous and outdoor loving kind. I lost my Chinese yellow when I moved to Cebu because they trained me to be a sun child at a very young age. Aside from this, we’ve always had this fetish towards fishing.  In fact, a few months ago, […]

1 Word: Boots

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I am in love and I’m going to rub it in everyone’s face!!!! Introducing my new pair of boots. I think I’m going to name them. Ok, it’s not so much of a thought as it is a fact because in fact, I have already named them. Say hello to Jimmy- after the fish I […]

I’ve Got My Eye On You

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Can you guess what this is? It’s my awesome necklace, of course! If you’ve seen this weird awesome necklace before, it was probably on this post. Yep, Justinne & I purchased it during our second When Food & Fashion Meet whilst scouring the streets of Colon! It was an unlikely find but apparently, eye accessories are in! If they aren’t, then I’m glad […]

The Cooking Fashionistas: Tres Chic, Bella!

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Bonjour Dames and Messieurs, Le Cooking Fashionistas are FINALLY back after our long and overdue hiatus [our apologies]! Bid adieu to your ombre shorts and tropical quesadillas (check out the first episode here) cuz it’s time to pack our LV trolleys (Louis Vuitton or Lord Voldemort, whatever rocks your boat) and head to the land not only of the […]

I Frogot It Was Summer

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Of course I knew it was blazing hot outside, but would it be safe to say that it was cold in my building so it didn’t matter? Yey! Denim polo: -| Denim pants: Sister’s | Undershirt: Forever 21| Belt: Given (mom)| Flats: SM Department store Obviously happy to be wearing the denim-on-denim trend after months […]