OMGOSH, this feels good. J

             I totally
missed blogging for a week but I don’t know; now I’m just too lazy to write. I
kinda wanna let the whole thing to just slip and like not write it down but I
feel the need to. I think remembering’ll be really fun. And besides, one day I
could look back at this. It’ll be something good to read.

             Well, the
whole experience was really something. Aside from the fact that I went to renew
my spiritual relationship with the big guy, the whole trip also revolved around
this one guy who made the whole 5 days more amazing than it already was. And
guess what? I get to keep him this time 😀

thank you, god! Cuz yeah, just in case you were wondering, that’s what I was praying for. 😉

             Ok, so
you guys ready? HAHAHA. Get set, GOOO! [ewk]

             MONDAY :

            [p.s. don’t even bother about the
dates cuz like, yeah. I have no idea]

Monday… Monday was weird cuz like, I didn’t know if I was excited that I was
going or if I was scared that I’d have a really bad time. But I was still
rushing to get out of the house anyways. Like I said, mom’s voice literally
does sound like nails on a chalkboard sometimes. Most of the time.

            So yeah,
when I got there I was just a mess. Like, I guess you could say I was a major
bitch cuz like, I just threw my stuff on the floor [one big bag; my orange
school bag and two pillows] and grabbed a chair and just sat there with a big
DO NOT BOTHER sign on my forehead. Lol. I wasn’t exactly in a socializing mood.
So whatever. But it was really cool though cuz James showed up [honestly, I
wasn’t expecting him to actually show up even after the
6 am wake up call] and to my surprise,
Caesar showed up pa gyud. So it was cool. That moment I felt that I wasn’t
alone nor was I going to be alone.

             The trip
to carcar was long and hot.  We rode the
bus pa gyud and we were at the very back and the sun was shinning like, woah.
Haha. Me and James talked most of the way there but I’d usually space out to
sleep or to concentrate on a song with my ipod. And as usual, I didn’t even
bother sharing it with James until the end of the trip. Even if we were holding
hands during most of the trip going there. Hehe. Remember, only GOD will judge

people on the bus were scary though. They looked like squats. You know, just
the kind of people you don’t wanna leave your stuff hanging around with. Yeah,
them. But we were in for a very rude awakening. God works?

             So when
we got there we had to wait around til around
1:30 before eating lunch. It was kinda
weird though cuz I ate with the guys and you know, that’s jus something I’m not
used to doing. Hehe. Girls. Yeah, guilty ;D wait, I AM used to eating with
guys. So lemme rephrase that. I wasn’t used to eating with James and Caesar.

after that we got assigned to our rooms. I bunked with Bambam, my theresian
lover. The other girls in my dorm were from other churches I didn’t really
bother asking for their names. I guess I’m just like that. I know some of them
though. Just don’t ask me to name them. I know them by face. HAHA.

             So yeah,
we had team building games. See, cuz we got placed in different teams [green,
red, yellow, blue] I got placed in green, I think. Me and Caesar were group
mates the same with rejoice, althea, JM,
Roy and I forgot whoelse.

             Well, the
first night was still kinda weird though cuz you know, it being the first day
and all plus no one really know anybody at that point so of course it was
weird. But the night was worse.

             Well, the
devotions weren’t weird. They were nice. James taught me how to sing and clap
my hands 😀 well, he didn’t exactly teach me. He kinda pushed me. But not in a
bad way, you know? The kind of push I needed. God knows I’m thankful

             I didn’t
sleep at all! It was just soo hot. Ijust kept on tossing and turning and
scratching! Yeah, I’ve been doing that a lot. My whole body is full of itch
marks. It’s gross.


 Tuesday was definitely better. I
mean aside from falling asleep in the clubhouse, it was cool. Pastor Roy helped
us go through the entire old testament. We had to do these narly actions.





400 years

and that’s the only thing I
remember. I suck, I know.

pretty much the only thing I remember. Except for those really good moments I
had where me and James would be sitting and listening to Pastor Roy and he’d
squeeze my hand or leg and I’d just feel warm all over. Those moments were to
die for. I’m writing it down, babe. No one reads this anyways so we’re safe 😉

            Oh and
yeah, Tuesday was the day this girl, Rechelle asked me if I was BOYISH. That
just sucked. Haha. I mean, I know I don’t act like a complete girl but to the
point of being boyish? That was just soo frustrating. Insecurity kick much?


was friends by Wednesday. The squats weren’t bad at all. Yeah, they did have
interesting lives but they were soo inspiring. I’m never going to forget them.
Like, [ok,  don’t rem. His name but I’ll
remember him as a person!] he was a vigilante or something basta, he killed A
LOT of people and he even died for 3 hours or something but dude, once he
talked about God, ambot. Makahilak jud ka. Haha. He was good. And he’s soo

I really don’t remember what happened 😀


          I think this is the day i woke up from the guys making harana. it was cute. well, i don’t really remember much. maybe that or the time is just making me forget. lol.

          oh wait, thursday was the day our parents dropped by. by our i mean, mine, james, gayles, ron ron’s and a lot of other peoples parents. i don’t know if they went to see our presentations or if they went just for the sake of you know, eavesdropping but anyways they did.

          but at least they left before the good parts. my god, i’m never going to forget that night because it was then i knew what i needed and the answers i needed to know. That night, i could say that god touched my life and i hope i’ve changed.

       no more details. i’m tired and this blog is old!

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