because i have everything i could ever ask for

let’s give your eyes something better to look at. you know, other than my face. HAHAHA. jk

well, today i got saved which just makes me feel 100 times luckier than i already am. because james [the best boyfriend in the world] rescued me from this little bitch named rv.

that’s rv. and lately he’s been a really big perv and he’s been threatening to do stuff to me and shit like that which at first was funny but then it just got really, perverted. but i don’t have to worry about him anymore. james took care of him and i’ve got happy feet. 🙂 no, seriously. because aside from louis [my unlce so it doesn’t count cuz it wasn’t this big] james is the only guy who’s stood up for me and actually had the guts to tell some other guy to back the hell away from me. and i swear, it feels very princessy and i love it. but i mostly love him cuz he just really wanted to tell him to stop messing with me so it made me feel like i meant a lot to him. like he didn’t like it when other people did shit like that to me. and the best part about it was that he didn’t want anyone to get away from it. no one’s ever done that for me. i know that if that was some other guy, they’d tell me to just deal with it. in this case, he dealt with it for me. my god it feels so knight in shinning armorey. LMAO.

pogi points:
so today,  both mommy and papa think that james is the cutest thing in the world. mommy likes him today because he dropped me off at celine where my mom was and said good-bye. [even if he looked like a complete loser plaing with hi szipper, he still looked like the cutest thing in the whole world!!! i am soo inlove with that boy <3] and papa likes him today because… idk, he’s proli in the mood or because he was completely fancied by the thought that there’s a boxer who shares the same initials and first name as him and more because that boxer was 16 years old, 5’7 and he won in 57 seconds.

ganda points:
proof that i can bend backwards: i hung out with james and his classmates [which is something i never imagined.] because i know that if i wasn’t up to it, i’d have to force myself to be nice and talk and shit but then, no, i didn’t have to. it was ayt. i like who i am when i’m with him. i swear, i’m like a saint, i’d turn lesbian on my self even. LOL.

looky at what i found!! :]

you know what? i look at this picture and i remember that night i showed this to you on ym. i remember saving it to show to you and hoping to god that when i showed it to you, you’d mean what you said to me. [i love you too, girlfriend. or it was cute. either] idk, i was soo odd that time. i knew that at first it was just a joke to you and that’s how it was for me but in the middle of everything, i still have trouble deciphering whether if it was real or if it was really just a game.

but i got my answers and i am soo happy that for once, i got what i wanted and this time, it actually feels like something i deserve.

me and james’re really good. we’ve been really good lately. i’ve been coming up with really good alibi’s for the rests, too. they’ve never suspected anything. and god, let’s just keep it that way, k? thanks.

i get to talk to him on the phone almost everyday [when we’re both NOT busy] and i see him at least thrice a week and that’s pretty good considering the fact that the only time we spend is in the car when he picks me up to drop me home which is like, 30 minutes away from his place. i have a hot driver. ya’ll just jealous. lol.

and yeah, things’re just really good. and i really do mean it when i say that i’m falling more inlove with him everyday. [thankyou,god.really.]

school’s been ayt. toshio is the funniest fag in the whole world! i got caught with a cosmopolitan magazine and i had to entertain some guests over the past 2 days, too.

OMG, RAT!! fuck.

plus i had a rotary interact meeting and review classes at the same time today.

just got home from boxing at waterfront. vip and everything. it was freaking awesome!!! hahaha.
plus the most interesting part of it all was running into james’ car for less than a minute cuz he decided to drop by because he was feeling like a kiss slut and insisted on getting a smooch before he went out with his friends.

i still have some major seducing to do tomorrow and you’ll suffer for sure because YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!! ;P

seriously. i don’t know what i’d do without you. <3

i love you <3

i swear, i need a face lift!

soo gay yet, oh so true <3

forever? forever.

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