hey, haven’t been updating this thing. guess i didn’t want all you peepz all up on the shit thats happening lately. anyways,

ass kickin song ya’ll!!I saw my boyfriend hanging with this girl that I hate He didn’t have to tell why last night

          “If all else fails, will you be brave enough to love me?                                       If all else fails, will you be brave

hEy! [-] tennis : wuz aiight. no highlights of the day or any of tha foirst. [-] youth on fire: street dancin

Thought of the day:   “I think I just captured happiness”     Yeah, I think did. Ü Well, today was aryt.

APRIL, WHO KNOWS AND WHO CARES… IT’S SUMMER!   Today is Friday, the last day of the weekday, the last day of

[Highlight of the day]                                                   “Heart attack!!”   OoO, I’m in trouble and I have no one else to

today was the best. i got my phone back, i went to yala, i slept, i talked to my teachers at school

OMg.                                    ¢¾Today.¢¾   Today was the best.   ¢¼ Hold my hand and mean. Hold it and never let it go cuz I