Burritos & Babes

Quite honestly, I’ve been a little bit down in the dumps lately and the only thing that’s been getting me through is food. I’ve never really been a depressed eater before but with food this good, I’d eat it everyday!

One place I’ve recently fallen in love with is Burrito Babes located in Don Gil Garcia St., which is somewhere along Osmeña boulevard and Capitol.

I first noticed Burrito Babes on my Facebook feeds because aside from the fact that they serve Mexican food, they also throw crazy events like these:

One time they gave out free admission to guys if they swallowed a gold fish. I missed half of my life missing that. 🙁

I made it my life’s goal one day drop by Burrito Babes and to date, I’ve been there twice and so far- I’ve loved every experience!

The interior is a bit dim which is why I won’t be including it here but nevertheless, you can bet it’s a pretty good place to hang out with your friends and family. Parking is available in front of the building and the vicinity is large enough to hold around 50 people or more.

Here’s what we had:



Jul’s Supreme Nachos

Homemade tortilla chips with a blend of cheese, caramelized onions, tomatoes and onions

P 180.00

(we decided to add chicken to this for P70.00)



Homemade tortilla with a blend of cheese and meat of your choice

P 150.00


Regular Burrito

<more or less P100.00> I didn’t get the price! SORRY! :<

Coming from someone who sort of knows her Mexican food (my baby sitter and neighbors used to be Mexican and at one point of my life, I spoke it fluently), I’d have to admit it has an American kick to it which is totally fine in my book. Basing on the pictures, you can see that their servings are pretty big and no they don’t just look stuffed… they really are!

I always like to make it a point to commend on an establishments service and Burrito Babes does not fall short of that. Their staff are friendly, accommodating and their service is pretty fast. It is definitely worth going back to!

Find out more about Burrito Babes’ on their Facebook page


P.S. I hear their tequila is really cheap!

P.S.S. I could really use some tequila!

Operating times:

11:00 am – 1:00 am

For reservations:

0915 950 7909

See you there, babes!



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