Throwback Fashion Thursday: Denim

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Denim, denim, denim- we just can’t seem to get a break from you can we? First it was my mom’s old denim jacket from the 80’s… <www.forthelonelyteengirls.blogspot.comc> that we turned into vests… That we eventually tie dyed, metallized and customized… <> Then came the birth of the Chambray shirt, the Chambray dress, the Chambray hoodies, […]

D’Pond: Don’t Teach A Man To Fish, He’s Old Enough. He Can Do It On His Own

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Snicker at the blog title. Oh, fishthat you?? My family’s always been the pretty adventurous and outdoor loving kind. I lost my Chinese yellow when I moved to Cebu because they trained me to be a sun child at a very young age. Aside from this, we’ve always had this fetish towards fishing.  In fact, a few months ago, […]