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I’ve been thinking about changing up my look this 2019, opting toward the more feminine and bride appropriate clothing. With all the seminars and appointments that need to be made during this time of my life- it would be nice to look more sophisticated and so a wardrobe upgrade has been in order.

I’ve been searching a lot lately for cheap clothes online and was lucky to have been able to run it They’ve got a wide selection of affordable options including amazing filtering options and details so you can easily find the styles you want in your exact size!

Take a peek into my take out chart:

I am super stoked about the options that has to offer. The styles are so wide so I can imagine buying new outfits not just for fancy day outs but even meetings and my more upscale events.

While my pieces haven’t arrived yet, I’m pretty hopeful that they come in good fits and at least decent fabric. What I liked the most about their site was that they offered a pretty detailed size chart which was very useful. They also provide a lot of other information that’s useful for their shoppers but I wish they provided more information on the cloth that they use. Anyways.

I’ll definitely send an update as soon as they get there but in the meantime, let me know which one your favorites are!

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Issa P.

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