days like these

well, casey started her tennis lessons today [yes world, she wants to follow in her big sister’s foot steps. HAHA.] and i guess she liked it cuz she plans to go back tomorrow and the day after that and the day after. lol. and she doesn’t even have to pay for it with her own money which is unfair considering the fact that she actually has more money than i do. i only have a hundred twenty on me right now. she has seven. i knooow. it’s pathetic. lol.

tennis was ok. shelly’s back. and so is athena, aaron, the small girl and of course, how could we forget.. their mother. HAHA. i don’t know. i’d rather not risk anything talking about it. haha. [kevin: ooh! talk about it, talk about it!] haha.

i guess i don’t have much to say about tennis. i mean, aside from the fact that the people there are crazy and i laugh my lungs out everyday. lol. tennis is fun. i like it. it makes me happy. gives me happy feet. 🙂

i’m currently in the office. chatting and waiting for the phone to ring since that is my only job. lol.

i’m tired and i’m currently missing someone.

issa, you’re soo dumb.

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