didn’t you know that this is what i do?

sinulog was awesome. i got soaked in beer from a street party that was mind blowing. i got a free hena. [thank you, axel. thank you, sam] im an angel. i finally got to try DJ Mix [the lime kind] which btw, does NOT tast like lime at all. thank you nina. i went to mikel’s place. i smelled ken’s awful fart and well, it was just pretty awesome. especially that hug i got during the street party. francis is cool when he’s drunk.. or almost drunk or when he pretends he’s drunk. HAHA.

i had a great time with nina and chabel. the two people i’ve missed the most and i had an awesome time with the guys. i hate ostings ear kisses though but i’m pretty sure that my ear kisses were pretty good paybacks.

antz loves 5 pezez and i had beggars feet. god with that. lol.

nina bought cigz and didn’t bring a lighter which was swweeet. and she was also a pleasant victim of the ear kisses. we kinda freaked her out in the car too. “OOH YES, DADDY!” hahaha. nice one, horny bitches 😛

and i ran into marc a couple of times. i think. maybe more. don’t care.

things to get:
my shades from francis
dog tag from estong
drunk HAHA

the best part of being

definitely SINULOG!

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