first and foremost, i love this picture. i look high on life.

my boyfriend!

if i were you,i would ask! haha

i have boy drama. amazingly so. ALL IN 24 HOURS.

boy 1: JEED [i’ll start with him because he is recent and because i thought i had something with this mo fo]
ok so i thought i liked jeed. i’ve had a crush on him for a while already and i found him super cute and fun to hang out with. [he’s the one in green from last saturdays pictures] then this week, he doesn’t text me at all! so i’m like… ok whatever. no big deal. but yesterday he calls me up and says he pawned his phone cuz his friend needed it. and he has the nerve pa to get mad at me for hanging out with guys! but hello, i’m always around other guys! that’s just how it is. i AM one of the guys and he knows that. so we argue a little and blah2x.

tonight my phone keeps ringing and all his friends are asking ME where he is. the hell i know!!! the real story is, he sold his phone to buy weed. there.
I loathe him. and he promised he wouldn’t. not like i even believed it. but god, the nerve.

boy 2: STUPID GUY AT C24
so i’m at the bathroom of this convenience store right? i’m trying to unclog the sink because i clogged it with my puke [hehe] and this OLD FART comes up to me and says… “can i get your number?” and seeing as to how old he is and i don’t give out my number, i said no. politely. and he asks why, so i tell him why. i say, because you’re too old for me! and he says he’s 25. i say, “yeah, you wish.” and then he starts getting pushy and asks for my number. but i’m persistent when i say no and then this asshole suddenly says… “SO WHAT, I MAY BE OLD BUT I OWN 200,000 A MONTH!” and i got sooo annoyed and said, “THE HELL I CARE. THAT’S NOT EVEN HALF OF WHAT WE MAKE!” ugggh. i know that was soo bad like to even stoop down to his level but he was asking for it. and i was drunk. not an excuse 😐

boy 3: JERICHO 🙂
i mey him at the club last night, we danced, he got my nmber from his friend and now we’re texting. we go to the same school and he’s tagalog. he and my papa have the same province and he’s… cute. haha. nuff said.

boy 4: Rex
so rex aka eduard cullen. this guy who dressed up as a VAMPIRE during our 3 way party, texts me today and asks me out to a christmas day party. i said no because i don’t juggle guys. even if i’m not really seeing anyone right now. he’s also too old for me. and scary. he bit my neck during my party. 😐

boy 5: ADRIAN LUA. as if you thought he was gone.
this boy chats with me again and starts his BASA MOVES. i just make small talk because i know he’s like that a lot. he likes to play with my emotions like that. so annoying.

but i’m only texting jericho now. a lot of fun to talk to, actually. not as fun as MATT though! wink wink

and i’m still pissed about jeed.



  1. :/ that’s really not great that he sold his phone to buy weed…>_>;; can’t get much more addicted than that?”SO WHAT, I MAY BE OLD BUT I OWN 200,000 A MONTH!” ROFL wtf kinda line is that. Maybe “Do I look like a whore to you?” would have worked better XP.Is Adrian your ex then?Thanks btw! You’re really sweet and I love talking to you :)!! I’m not cute though D: I’m going to lose to rex awwwwww D:!!!:/ that is plain WRONG that they could even eat something with a name. I mean…we thought about having chickens before and we were like “OK THE ONES THAT WE ARE GOING TO EAT WE ARE NOT GOING TO NAME!!!”. Then again I doubt we’d have eaten them anyways, probs just eat the eggs. :/ it’s kinda stupid to have them in your house anyways though cos chickens smell XD!!! We would’ve had them in the garden :). What other pets dyou have though?

  2. @whoosh90 – i know and i’ve gotten really worried about him but he still is acting the same way. i don’t know, i’ve considered not going for him cuz if i meant anything to him, we wouldn’t have sold our only means of communication, right? so dumb.and the guy at c24 was dumb too. everyone’s dumb! except for you, of course :Dand i turn rex down. he was old. i don’t date guys THAT old. and adrian is not my ex. he’s been trying to court me for the longest time but he’s not consistent and i get bored with guys like that. it makes me feel like a temp or something.eating pets is wrong! 🙁 i have a rabbit and a dog. i had a guinnea pig about a month ago but he died. i loved him too much. i’m expecting a hamster this xmas and maybe a snake. i’ve had sooo many pets na.

  3. @Aa_bEbE_pHaT_aA – Mmm…yeah I guess that’s right…I mean…yeah :/. He really should decide what’s more important, you or his weed. Iuno, I personally don’t really like the sound of him anyways >_<;; so maybe I’m trying to keep you two apart hahaha. I just don’t think he sounds like he’d do you any good :/.:O so you’re dumb too?! :3. Hahahhaa kidding kidding ^^;;. I’m dumb too :), maybe not in the same way as those guys though hahaha.:O how old was rex? Ohhhhhhh right yeah I know the kind….it’s like…if I like someone else then I won’t like you any more, but after I finish liking them and you are there, you can fill in the gap for a while just in case I hit it off with you. TWATS! (>_>);; hahaha I’ve been guilty of it before though XD PSHHH guys are inherantly lame =P.Awwww that’s so cuuuuute! I have 3 chinchillas ^_^ maybe if I see you online at he same time as me I can show you over webcam :)!! (._.);; a snake + a hamster…for its lunch? XP. Why dyou want so many pets? You <3 animals? 😀 I love my chinchillas and would love a dog…but…the chinchillas would be scared as hail hahaha. What breed of dog dyou have?

  4. @whoosh90 – i have a daschand! 😀 if that’s how you spell it. and yes, i do love animals!! they are <333i’ll update about the boys soon. i have news about them. and i saw adrian today. he acted so… weird. obviously he doesn’t need me to distract him or something.and i didn’t mention it in this blog but some guy with a gf keeps calling me and asking me if i would like to smoke up with him. for some reason… people think i’m on it. I’VE NEVER EVEN TRIED IT!!!

  5. @Aa_bEbE_pHaT_aA – Ohhh I know those! They look like sausage dogs hahaha XD!! Take a picture sometime? :D! Iove animals too :)!! Hmm…one question though. Do you like bees? Or frogs?Ohhh ok I think I saw that on my homepage, I’ll go read it after replying to the other stuffs :). That is really weird that people think you smoke weed ^^;; hahaha. Maybe you should be more careful about your image :O!! ^___________^ XD. Or maybe that guy’s just really weird rofl. Don’t worry though, I know you’re not on weed :)! You’re much more hardcore than that, only hard stuff for you! Hahahaha kidding kidding :). Don’t you ever dare else I will come and hug you soooo tight that you’ll feel sooo bad you’ll die from the guilt of worrying me =P.

  6. @whoosh90 – HAHAHA. ok i will. she’s in my youtube video. i think it’s the youtube 5 predictions or something. it’s so funny cuz she’s a V and she’s 13 years old. usually dogs don’t last that long, right? haha.and noo, i am horrified by frogs. you have noo idea. but i would love to own a colored one but i guess they’re colored cuz of the poison right? hehei guess people have this perception that i’ve been on it cuz a lot of people i hang out with have done it. like, if you live the kind of life i do then people think you’ve done it or are on it. so i don’t blame them and i don’t have any plans on trying to make them change their minds. the hell i care about them! :)) and i know i’m not going to do it so i really shouldn’t be worrying, diba?

  7. @Aa_bEbE_pHaT_aA – Hehe nah I don’t think so! She’s pretty old though yeah hehe! I think you times by 7 to get dog years…so..she’s 91? Pretty old hehe. What’s a V though? My chinchillas are getting old now at like 7 or 8, but they’re ever so sweet I love them when they’re old. When they’re young they’re all curious and fun and stuff, but when they’re old they’re ever so sweet and adorable :)!Awww why’re you scared of frogs?! D:. I love them, I used to play with them at the back of the garden cos there was a pond where they used to live hehe!!*nods* diba! XD. I think yeah that’s probably right…glad you’re not going to do it though :)! Don’t ever ever ever get onto drugs O_O *deathstare*

  8. @whoosh90 – by v i meant virgin HAHAHA i think she won’t last too long though she’s really old and then there was a time i didn’t wanna play with her cuz she couldn’t recognize me and would try to bite me and that really broke my heart for a while..i used to bring tadpoles home from school when i was in the 3rd grade. it was so funny cuz i would use my barbie water jug to hold them until i got home and sometimes they would really turn into frogs. but they would eventually die. i never fed them, too. soo odd how they survived. but now i just cannot stand them. it’s like a freakin phobia or something.i swear, i will never use. i’ve seen what happens!

  9. @Aa_bEbE_pHaT_aA – Hahaha XD. Iuno, I’d prefer a virgin dog than those horny male dogs who hump everyone and everything in sight (._.);; it’s like wtf is wrong with you hahaha XD. 🙁 that is sad, but I guess you have to accept that she’s old I guess…one of my chinchillas is now having epileptic fits and frequently just spazzes out and falls out of his little box onto the cage floor and will be paralysed for a few seconds until climbing back up >_<;; I don’t think he’s got long either. I don’t want to think about it. I hope both your dog and my chilla last forever and ever :3!!Tadpoles are soooo cute! XD that is kinda grim that they’d grow into frogs and just starve to death though ^^;;. You’re such an idiot XP why did you not feed them?! I used to feed the frogs I played with hahaha XD. D: that sucks though, they’re cute! :3.Good. :).

  10. @whoosh90 – haha we let her in the house today!! omg, i am sooo happy!!! it’s the 24th here and we’re all hectic and shit. I slept at 4 am last night and woke up at 12 and i was soo psyched when i walked out of my room and saw poochy [virgin doggy] in our living room. we usually keep her outside the house man. 🙂 she’s sooo cute!!!and yeah, i proli am an idiot for not feeding them. but i was young! and what do you feed frogs anyways? don’t they eat… flies or something? haha

  11. @Aa_bEbE_pHaT_aA – :O your dog isn’t allowed in your house?!?!?! Usually in the UK most of the time the dog is in the house…^^;;. Especially winter cos it’s effin freezin outside and they’d die (._.);;. Hahaha poochy is such a cute name though ^___^! Do you always go outside to see her when she’s usually outside though?^^;; yeah I fed them craneflies. Flies are too hard to catch T_T;;, craneflies fly slowly though hahaha so I can easily cup them in my hand hahaha.

  12. @whoosh90 – it’s mostly hot here. so we don’t let her in. my papa’s allergic to something or he’s asthmatic that’s why she’s not allowed inside but i always play with her cuz you need to go outside of the house to go anywhere and she’s right outside so yeah :))and what are crane flies? we only have flies here. big annoying loud flies. uggh. yuck

  13. @Aa_bEbE_pHaT_aA – Ohhh right I see. She must feel lonely outside though! If I had a dog they’d live inside the house for sure ^_^ so we could spend like alllll the time together :3. Ohhhh right yeah :/ that sucks!! Glad you play with her all the time though ^_^ hehe at first I imagined her a little neglected D:!! Crane flies are those flies with little bodies and long long legs that look really silly and don’t really do anything except float around the room and stick to stuff XD. <<<< they look like that! Kinda like giant mosquitos I guess except they don’t bite or anything they’re kinda silly XP. But yeah I hate flies T_T;; they’re so noisy and annoying! It’s winter atm though so there aren’t any about 😀 I’m so happy! But come summer they’re everywhere T_T;;. I just use my badminton racquet to hit them out the sky though XD.

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