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I’ve always dreamed about going to Japan for many reasons starting with the food (sushi), their polar cultures and their picturesque sights- both natural and man-made. It seems that every corner of Japan has something amazing to offer whether it be countryside feels or crazy or neon lit streets and I dream, one day, of being able to experience both.

Of all the places to explore and things to experience in Japan, Cherry blossom season is definitely on the top of my list. This majestic work of nature has been the backdrop of many modern day fairy tales- it was the theme of an acquaintances’ wedding, it was where our friend popped the question to his now fiance and the list goes on and on…

These majestic rows of cherry blossoms are known to open as early as January in Okinawa; May in Hokkaido and April in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto giving us eager travelers plenty of options depending on your schedule, budget and location preference. However, it is always best to be sure and do your research before booking your flight.

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