far too complicated

how come no one ever told me that being a teenager with a “bad attitude” was going to be this hard? cuz god, it’s getting
really hard to handle and i think i’d prefer death over anything else you could possibly offer me in the world right now.
death does not sound bad at all.

god, am i like, the biggest screw up you’ve ever created in this universe or what? i think you did a very bad job at creating
me. you should just put my soul in the hall of rejects, if you have one of those things in heaven. i mean, i’ve been trying
a lot [if not my best] but i still fail horribly so maybe it’s how i’m programmed.

it’s 1:30 right now and i’m home. OH JOY. i’ve had only one meal so far, i’m starving and i’ve been crying so hard for the
past 3 hours that my teeth are starting to hurt.

i don’t want to be here. :[

i know this is an odd thing to say in the entire history of odd things to say but god, i wish i was in school right now. :[
(now i know i’m desperate)

i wish i was anywhere but here right now.

anywhere but sun valley where the drama is all more dramatic. </3

james, come back and save me.


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