give us us freeee

it’s soo typical to write a reaction paper starting with the words, based on the movie and blah2 but i’m soo completely out of words and i am in no position to write a real blog. the movie was scary.

so here’s to lousy reviews…

Jean Louise I. Chua IV- Platinum


La La La Amistad


          From the
movie Amistad, I’ve learned that freedom is something that we shouldn’t take
lightly because while most of us are taking full advantage of such a great
blessing, there are still tons of people, whom like the Mendae people, are
still fighting for their freedom. It may not be exactly like their situation
but I can still think of many instances where everyday people have to fight for
what we think is right and for our own freedom.


life requires us to take big jumps and to take risks. Sometimes these might not
be according to what we would want if we could have things our way but then
sometimes life doesn’t exactly give us a lot of choices either. Just like in
the movie, the Mendae people were forced to kill the people on the La Amistad
because they wanted what was rightfully theirs – their freedom. And you can’t
blame a person for fighting for something like that.


            I admire
people who fight for what they believe in and also those people who fight what
they know is theirs. It takes a lot of guts to do that especially when it feels
like you’ve lost everything. Kudos.

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