My Fears and Anxieties


          My deepest fear is the fear of living an unhappy life. I’m
afraid of setting goals, high standards and expectations because life has the
tendency to fail us all. And although failure is good for us sometimes, most of
the time it just seems like I’m either not good enough or I don’t deserve that
one thing I want.


second deepest fear would probably be having my trust broken because that’s the worst play in the world. To
give up yourself to someone, to become extremely vulnerable in another person’s
eyes just to have them strip you one more time and to leave you naked and
hopeless. That’s the worst. To be vulnerable, depending that you won’t get hurt
just to find out that in the end, you become what you’ve feared in the first
place- naked. So now you know.


Here’s the truth and I’ll just come clean about it. I’m afraid of everything.
Everything that could hurt me and everything that looks like it could hurt.


afraid of guns, I’m afraid of dying and I’m afraid of frogs. I’m scared of
getting my heart broken and of breaking someone else’s as well. I’m scared of
being alone and I’m scared of big crowds (both because people have died either
way). God, I’m afraid of everything and that just sucks.


afraid of everything. I’m even afraid of life. But hey, I’m like that and what
am I supposed to do?


if there’s one thing I’m not afraid of, it’s facing them. And that’s the only
thing that keeps me from being a coward.

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