happy happy birfday, chab <3

the best thing about birfdays are the birfday suprises. they’re wicked awesome because 1. they’re fun to plan and 2. cuz i just like making people special on their birfdays. lmao.


that’s my suuprise for chabel. <3 it’s nothing much but i think it’s pretty cool. lmao. i collect paperclips and i like to run around and act all crazy and retatrded and i love it. hey, i’m like the coolest person i know right now. HAHAHA. omg, i swear that was a joke 😛

anyways, so, today’s chab’s birfday and somehow i managed to get the family up by 6:10 in the morning to greet chab a happy happy day. it was soo cute <3

nothing great for me though. except for going to stc. those are always the highlights of my week. lmao. and plus, i also saw claudine and roxanne [freshmen girls from school]at msquare niha. and jackie, jan dean and jan paule [seniors] at st. patrick’s square. cute. lmao

anyways, so that was basically it. school’s school. nothing new. i still hate it. lmao. it’s the getting of cards tomorrow and i can’t even get them cuz i have to go to the hearing from my adoption at toledo which is like, gaah!

but yeah, i know some of my grades

fil – 93
geom – 89 [i’m not satisfied wit that actually. lmao]
ss – 88 [and i don’t like this garde either]

and i think those are the only grades i kow soo far.lmao. i begged teacher jo to sms my grades. i hope he does. i really hope he does. lmao. <3

so, i gtg now.


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