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Healthy For The Naughty @ Waterfront, Cebu City

Fun fact: I sort of grew up in the Waterfront hotel. (Sureeee.) When I was younger, my grandmother had a little stall on the second floor (Little Comforts) and I would spend hours and hours playing around the hotel while she and my parents were out playing bingo!

Fast forward to many, many years since then it really is such an honor for me to be invited to their swanky events like Chef Simon‘s launching of his Healthy for the Naughty menu at the Waterfront Hotel, Lahug.

That, and hearing gracious feedback from their top of the line staff like, “Oh Issa, we think you are soo funny.” I always knew I was quite the charmer. 😉 Seriously, I’m funny.


Last Friday, a bunch of bloggers were invited to Waterfront’s La Gondola to rub shoulders with their Executive Chef,  Simon Sperling. He’s been with Waterfront for about a year and has gained experience all over the world like China, Malaysia, Cyprus, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Kuwait.

Not only is he a top chef, but he is also a a big shot photographer behind the creative success of Flick Collection on Getty Images. So not only are his creations to die for, his photographs will make you want to put it in a frame and lick it, too.

 For that night, we were presented with a menu of sumptuous dishes that were filling but at the same time very healthy.

I know I keep saying that I’m not a food blogger and I’m not but, I am pre-diabetic so a good diet and exercise is something I try to practice on a daily basis.  And I am aware that a lot of Filipinos are getting into the healthier side of life so this really is perfect for those who can’t find a decent place to indulge.

Roasted Carrot Rice Paper Rolls & Rice Paper Rolls with Vietnamese Caramel Chicken

Honey Mustard Vegetable Kebabs on Basil Quinos

Lentil Couscous Salad with Malagos Feta Cheese

(Oh my goodness, I LOVED this!!)

Mushroom, Tomato, Basil and Roasted Pumpkin Bruschettas

Mung Bean Hummus Crostini

Vegetable Burgers with Guacamole and Salsa

(I know I may have said that burgers aren’t really burgers unless it’s meat but after this burger, I stood corrected. And apparently on instagram, a lot of people are quite intrigued about these little fellows)

Tandoori Cauliflower Bamboo Skewers with Coriander Chutney

Orange Glazed Tofu on Brown Rice

Veggie Pizza

And my Coke Zero… cuz you know, my life sucks.

Overall I would say that the presentation was definitely outstanding (no, my photography skills haven’t improved. They naturally are that pretty). Taste wise, if I could cook like that then I wouldn’t be stuffing my face in all these processed food. It does take a bit of an acquired taste but an upgrade in taste is always good. I can officially say that I’m fancy.

Savor Chef Simon’s divine Sunday Brunch creations at UNO for only P 1.1000.00 nett/ person.

For inquiries and reservations, you may call (032) 232 – 6888 Local 8605

Like Waterfront on Facebook here

Find out more about Chef Simon here

He looks jealous…

And we all look full! ^_^

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