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How I Can Help #YolandaPH?

It’s been a week since the tragedy that struck our nation and since then it’s been a non stop race to offer as much help as we can, be it through information dissemination, donating relief funds, volunteer work or even through our heartfelt prayers.

I am always amazed at how selfless we’ve become in lending a hand to rebuild our nation.. it really is amazing! Everyday I have people calling and asking me for information on where to help out, donate and every day I’m seeing people spread more good news (forget the bad!) and doing the best they can.

So here I am, doing my part as a Filipino netizen and being the bearer of good news! 🙂

If you are still hoping to help out, here are your options:

Charity Events

From Kaloy Uypanco


A relief oriented gathering for the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda
November 17, 2013 – Sunday
3. PM At the Outpost

Featuring the Collaboration of Relief in Cebu,
From different sectors and communities

With Musical Performances by Powerspoonz, Hardwood, Cuarenta, Bambuspliff, Santing Skalawags, Sefyla, PG 18, Shuffled, Cambridge (AUS), and many more…

This is a Free Concert for a Cause, one of historic proportion. In uniting for volunteerism we invite everyone to allow this gathering to be your venue for donations, as much as they can be…Let’s Give together, Let’s Pack together, Let’s Support Each other, Let’s Rise Together. If you haven’t done anything yet, better do something about it. (Donation Segregation and Packing begins early on, and will converge at The Outpost at 3PM onwards)

These establishments are already accepting donations in behalf of UBEC UNITE:

*Skills & Bones Clothing Co.
at Gorordo Ave. beside Aerophone, near Asilo
* The Outpost
at Veteran’s Drive, Lahug
*Carlo Gabiana | Crols Tattoo
at Ma. Cristina street, Capitol Site, near Coco Mall
*Koa Tree House
at Gorordo Ave. across Golden Peak Hotel

Ubec Unite would like to suggest the following relief package option:
1+ 1 + 2 + 2 ++

++ MEDICINE (Please include this in your pack)

For the health junkies, head down to Cebu Grand Hotel this November 14, 2013 (Friday) for Yoga for a Cause

For the forever fashionistas who want to help out!

[Grabbed from Eden of chicinthetropics]


If there’s any good time to drink, it would be now.

Just be sure to be safe. No drinking and driving, please!


No bibs. No Medals. No lootbags. All love.

I love that!

Hey, if we must eat, at least it’s for a good cause!
From our favorite eater,

ACEST (Association of Cebu Event Suppliers and Talents) would like to host a Benefit Concert for the victims of typhoon Yolanda in Cebu, Tacloban, Leyte, Samar Provinces and Northern Cebu. For Event Suppliers and Talents, you may showcase your talent, advertise your business and be able to help by registering. Portion of the proceeds will go to the victims of the calamity.

For non-Event Suppliers and Talents but would like to witness performances by Cebu’s Best in Entertainment and help the victims by donating cash or goods.

Please join us on Friday, Nov. 15 at the Parkmall

Drop off centers



Want to volunteer?

Packing party at UP, Cebu

#oplanbangon with JCI Cebu

The BE HONEST warehouse behind Parkmall, Mandaue

(where I packed earlier tonight)

DSWD offices around Cebu

Here are a few of my tips if you decide to help pack (based on my experience):

– Be prepared.

If you plan to pack rice, I suggest you bring a container that will efficiently help you do so. The other night we used empty milk cans which bruised my hands and thumb. My friend suggested using a dissected container with a handle to save time and energy.

Empty Silver Swan bottles is a common Filipino example of a container with a handle

Pack light.

Unless you have a car, it’s not very efficient to have to lug around a lot of things. Read more for my list of things to bring while volunteering.

– Bring your own water. It would suck if you had to loot of the water meant for the typhoon victims and since packing does take a lot of your energy, it’s always best to just bring your own water.

Stay safe. At first I thought I was strong and brave enough to volunteer on my own but then I realized it would be so much safer (and fun) to go with friends or family. Never volunteer unless it’s a known organization or if you’re with friends. We never know.

What to bring:

Here is a list of things I think are important to bring with you when volunteering:

– water

– a handkerchief (especially if you’re asthmatic or allergic to dust. I had to stop segregating used clothing because of the dust)

– alcohol

– an extra shirt

– medicine (in case you get a headache)

What to wear (I am a “fashion” blogger, afterall):

– Shorts (not all packing centers have chairs so sometimes you’ll have to sit on the ground. Most of the time, it’s hot)

– A comfortable shirt

– Rubber shoes (you don’t want to worry about your slipper/ sandals snapping when you’re walking around carrying goods)

–  A headband and a hair tie (you don’t want to have to touch your face when your hands are dirty)

– Little- no jewelry (again, you just want to be safe)

I really hope that this entry deems useful to a lot of you. Feel free to contact me at 0922 863 5700 for any details especially in regards to packing or what to pack and/or any volunteer places.

I’ll try to keep this as updated as possible so drop by once in a while or get updates from my page (please don’t think I’m advertising myself, you know me better than that!) instead.

It’s 1:00 am, work starts at 8:00 am.Good night!



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