i miss you

i’ve been to busy to update. yeah, i live a busy life.

caught up with school work and chores at home since xiang decided to leave us and work for her uncle. greener pasture, i get that.

but yeah, xiang leaving almost jepardized my plans to go to stc’s intramurals which i vowed to go to every year since the day i decided to leave. i don’t know why i did that. 🙁

but yeah. i made it. end of story.

i spent the whole morning in the clinic today. thank god for that. at least i got to miss or chem. quiz that i didn’t even bother to study for. lmao. what the big deal? i’ll pass junior year anyways. haha. hala, ka bati. i’ve lost the drive to excel in school. three cheers for me.

periodicals are coming up. i’m swamped with projects but i’ll get buy. i need to start selling candy again. i need the money. lmao.

and for everyone’s pleasure, here’s the story of how i got my big black bruise on my face…

once upon a time, in a land not to far away,
issa,the pink paper clip princess was obviously having too much fun
that she didn’t care about the world. all that she cared about was that she was home
and there wasn’t any other place in the world that she’d rather be then there.
then, “BANG” she suddenly felt a gush of pain run through her face
[nah, it didn’t hurt that much. my tummy hurted more from laughing]
she then realized that from her happiness, she hit her face on a water barrel

and her face will never look the same again.
but it’s ok. life’s more than that. 🙂

one of the best weekends.

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