i’ll eat you up in one bite <3

not much to write about today. i mean, school was ayt. i almost failed my physics seatwork which pissed me off in the moring and then i got pissed at kathya for not doing ssc work and yeah, i was just really pissed in the morning but i had a lot of good parts in the middle of that too.

i played magellan in our class role play- that was fun. i love playing guy parts. not that i’m lesbian or anything. HAHA. i have a boyfriend to prove that i’m not. LMAO.

you know what i realized? that i never really stop thinking about him. cuz when i’m at school, like when i’m taking down notes, idk but i think about him. like before my seatworks or whatever whatever, i think about him. and when i’m talking with someone, i wanna talk about him or i really do talk about him. and i love it when people ask me about him cuz i get to talk about him and idk, it’s just addicting for me. it’s obsessive. HAHA.

i think i have to stop talking to jet for that very reason. cuz i’m ALWAYS talking about him. LOL.

and when i’m not with anyone, i’m always racing to text him or when my phone vibrates in the middle of class, i literally freak out.

and it really sucks when he’s mad at me. 🙁

i really did buys those paperclips today because i was extremely happy. you make me happy – all the time.

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