i’m the new cancer – fear me

yes, it’s the weekend and guess who’t not not NOT under house arrest anymore? 😀 yeah, me. the magnificent claps for me. lmao. i have two parties that i have to and want to, of course go to tomorrow. renette’s and nathan and james [joint twin party]. both’re in ayala which’s easy for me for soo many reasons and since it’s at ayala, it means that i can still jhang out with chabel and the others. oh yes, i love. lmao.

about school. i’d just like to say,”dagha’g salamat sa ka ninyong tanan sa tanan ninyong gi hatag na suporta’s ako.” wtf. don’t ask. i am the pride of joy of maria montessori children’s house. maria montessori case ele bambini. lmao. to whoever reads this: this is not mockery. i’m enjoying life. this is life. deal with it. lmao. :p

i’m in glee club. yey. it’s fun. i guess and i’m also in karatedo. yes, i’m officially vying for honors. there’s nothing wrong with that, right? eveni f i don’t get on the list? yey. at least more clubs for me. karatedo. karatedo. lmao.

uhm, yeah, school is trying as always. i have to balance my time for ssc now cuz everyone’s takingit secriuosly. i can’t bring my phone to school na gyud cuz you know, secret spies and yes, i’m afraid i  have to be responsible and i good role model and shit. it’s a sacrifice but nowadays, yeah. nvm.

and what else? nothing. bye. lmao

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