Inig ka cremate nako, bisitai kos balay ha

We made amazing friends during this pandemic. * in particular. We played games together, sometimes 8 hours a day. We would talk until 3 in the morning, long after we shut down the computers. we’d be in bed, talking to him about finding a girlfriend, the games we play- life .

He would ask us everyday for updates. Everytime he came on he’d ask- what’re the updates? Ecq? Mcq? Gcq? I never thought anything of it.

Today he got bad news. What do you say when you hear bad news? It’s gonna be ok? What if it doesn’t get ok?

* said if he has it and he doesn’t make it, the first time I’ll meet him is at his wake. He said- now you’ll have more people to cry about. Joel and now, me.

Before i found out I said- when all of this is done, let’s eat chicken wings. He said, I doubt that’ll ever happen.

God. Why is this happening. I can’t take it.

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