It’s nice to know…

well, it’s nice to know that the two of you are back together. that was the deal after all, right? didn’t we plan that you two would get back together so you could end things the way YOU wanted to end it and then you would come back to me so we could be together- the right way. the way we always wanted to be together. but nothing with you is ever real. it never really was. i guess that’s why i don’t regret a single thing since i ended with it you. i really don’t.

you never really knew what you wanted, you wanted everything. If you could bake a million cakes for a million needy kids, you would change your mind at the last minute just so you could keep everything for yourself because if you knew that one cake was better than the other, you know you would regret giving that one single cake away to give to someone else- someone who proli needed it more than you. But i’m not some stupid cake you can keep all to yourself and give away when you’ve found the one you where looking for. in our case, i’m not just some cake you can keep because you like but aren’t sure about. i know what i want and i know now that it isn’t you. [stupid metaphors. i hate cake!] so i left you and i didn’t turn back. i forgot your number, i forgot what we had and left my mind empty so someone else, someone better could fill it in with things i wanted you to fill my head with.

but you- you i don’t understand. You said that you didn’t want to get back with HER because you knew she wasn’t the one. you said you didn’t want to be tied down to her the way you were. You said that you would only get back with her for me. Well, we’re obviously not an item anymore so WHY? i bet it’s because nobody else will take you and you know that. And you just can’t stand laying in bed at night knowing that you are alone. So you go running back to the first person you know will take you back. And you know that that will NEVER be me. not in a million years.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not hurt. I’m mad because i thought you were better than that. but when we sum everything up, you are a guy and all guys are the same and well, you let her give her reasons to use the “i’m pregnant” excuse which you would never get with me and yes, you are after sex after all.

so ok. i have my peace and you, you will always just be another guy to me.

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