It’s The Start of a New Baginning!

Since I was already on the look out for new clothes to add to my wardrobe, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check out some new bags. I honestly don’t buy a lot of bags to begin with and usually just wait for my mom to throw her old ones at me but this time, I was more keen on finding a tote bag with zipper. I usually carry around a large purse and I find that I would’ve wanted a deeper bag so I can stuff my envelopes and clip board inconspicuously. lol.

As I was searching, I checked mail and found Baginning which is this cute little website that sells nothing else but bags. Here’s the tote that I picked out!

While I’m not exactly looking for a small backpack, I couldn’t help but admire the ones that they’ve got. They’re so cute and trendy, I wonder if my 28 year old self can handle it! I’m seriously considering putting them in my shopping cart but since I just watched Maria Kondo’s Tidying Up, I’m gonna have to give it some more thought. HAHA!

Make sure to check out Baginning for more of their items!

Issa P.

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